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Light the Park

"Donor Driven"

Every gift to Yanney Heritage Park does far more than just construct the item donated, it enhances the quality of the park itself and provides for the park today, and in the future. The lampposts selected, along with providing walkway and general lighting, will be wonderful aesthetic accents for
the park. They are a dark bronze with Prairie style lanterns. This style of lighting will be used in various applications throughout the park; lamp posts with single and double arms will grace the new entrance and walkways, and well lighting, pole lighting, and bollards will be found throughout the park.

What Donations Do

Donations to this fund help illuminate the amazing features of Yanney Heritage Park. Dozens of beautiful, dark bronze, prairie-style lamp posts and bollard lights have already been placed in the park to illuminate features and walkways. The Foundation sincerely thanks each and every donor that has made the lighting possible.

As the park develops, new lighting will be placed on buildings, highlighting special features and creating safety lighting on pathways. illumination projects are ongoing at Yanney Heritage Park, and gifts will help complete the lighting plans.

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